Hi there!

We’re super excited to spend 2 days together talking about all things related to preparing teeth for crowns, onlays, inlays, veneers etc. To make the weekend run smoother we have a number of items for you to get back to us on some nitty gritty details. Please fill out the form below and press “send” so the info can get back to us asap.

Looking forward to some dental fun : )

Xx Linda and Max

P.S Please keep scrolling after the form to find more info

P.P.S There’s no prior homework for you to do (WOO HOO!!)

I'm enrolled for
Will you be taking up the offer FREE accommodation on FRIDAY night? *
I'd like to bring along a partner to stay in the accommodation with me *
There's no extra charge- each room comes with a queen size bed
I'm coming to dinner on Friday night *
The 5-course dinner a 2-hat restaurant Biota is on us! Please order drinks separately. Drinks & other room purchases will be charged to you directly. Please settle the charges with the restaurant directly.
I'm coming to Breakfast at 8:30am Saturday morning *
The restaurant opens only for us for breakfast so we do need to give them exact numbers.
Please let us know if we can make your time with us even more comfortable e.g. prefer soy milk? Latex free gloves, extra large gloves, food that you're not actually allergic to but really just hate (Linda hates brussel sprouts)

More Details


8:30am START

1pm Lunch

6:30pm FINISH

7:30pm Dinner at Biota Dining


8:30am Breakfast

10am START

1pm Lunch

4:00pm Finish (you’re welcome to stay longer if you’d like to finish your preps)


Lectures and Hands-on at: Shop 1/184 Bong Bong St BOWRAL 
Dinner and Accommodation at: Biota Dining, 18 Kangaloon Rd BOWRAL.  
Biota’s details are info@biotadining.com  Ph 02 4862 2005

Please let Biota know ASAP if you’d like to stay extra nights before the course commences.  Thursday night rooms are currently reserved under Highlands Professional Development but will go to the general public closer to the date. Thursday night rates are payable directly to Biota at $119.


For occupation health and safety reasons:
Eye protection such as googles.
Dental loupes if you own a pair
Closed-in shoes 
Extra layer of clothing if you get cold with the air-con blasting away

What to bring


Extra nights accommodation.  Thursday night rates are payable directly to Biota at $119.

Drinks during dinner.  Please order and charge to your room.  Biota will ask you to settle your extra nights, drinks and other purchases on check-out.

Partners are welcome to attend dinner & breakfast but please let us know in advance.  Partner's meals and drinks will be charged separately by Biota

What’s not included