MasterPrep program


MasterPrep program

Day One

 8:00am Registration

 8:30 am Start Lectures:

Introduction to philosophy of longevity and predictability with topics addressed include but not be limited to:

o   Preparation designs - tips and tricks

o   Techniques for margin preparation and accuracy

o   How to gay a steady hand

o   Isolation, visualisation techniques

o   Use of handpieces, ultrasonic tips and burs

o   Use of magnification and mirrors

o   Preliminary impression and verification techniques in fixed prosthodontics

o   Innovation equipment and materials

o   How to achieve accuracy from crown preparation and impression to crown issue


o   Exploring the influence of the team on your preparation


Porcelain Veneers

o   Indications to preparation with or without reduction of the incisal edge

o   materials selection

o   Case selection

o   Preparation guidelines

o   Demonstration


10:30am-11:00am Morning Tea

11Am Lecture

·       All Ceramics materials

o    A short history, dental materials, microstructure

o   When to use e.max, empress, Zirconia

o   Clinical factors in case selection for success

o   innovative new “ceramics”

o   Preparation guidelines for crowns

       All Ceramic materials

o   Preparation guidelines inlays onlays - demonstration and lecture

o   Chair side and laboratory procedures


1pm Lunch

2pm lectures


o   Preparation design - difference with Metal ceramics and All Ceramics

o    Case selection

o   Clinical examples

o   Demonstration

Full Gold Crown

o   Indications, case selection

o   Demonstration

 Provisionalisation of Veneers

o   Techniques

o   Demonstration

o   Impression materials selection

o   Ergonomics of impression techniques

o   Different impression techniques for fixed prosthodontics

o   Traditional impressions

o   Digital impressions

o   Soft tissue management- use of retraction cord, haemostatic agents, lasers, electro-surgery, Expasyl

 5:30pm Finish



Day Two

 8:30am Start Lecture



o   Porcelain Veneer 11 without preparing incisal edge

o   Porcelain Veneer 11 preparing incisal edge

o   Use of varying techniques and styles for preparation


11am Morning Tea

11:30am  Hands-on

o   E.max crown and a zirconia crown demonstration

o   All ceramic crown e.max tooth 21

o   Zirconia crown 13

o   Ceramic onlay tooth 47


1pm Lunch

2pm Hands-on

o   Metal ceramic bridge preparation

o   Full gold crown preparation

o   Provisionalisation of veneers

o   Impression taking

o   Soft tissue management techniques

o   Finalise preparations

o   Review and summary

 5:30pm Finish


In addition to the above hands-on participants who complete the task earlier than the allotted time have a number of hands-on stations from demonstrations or hands-on activities.  These include:

o   Electrosurgery

o   Soft tissue laser

o   Retraction cord

o   Loupes and microscope

o   Digital impression - Trios, PlanScan

o   Hand steadiness test

o   Ultrasonic tips for crown preparations

o   Alginate/Stone and PVS impression techniques