The extraction of a tooth is unquestionably accompanied with the loss of alveolar bone volume.  For some patients the loss of bone volume will compromise the possibility for successful dental implant rehabilitation.  In other situations it may mean an alteration of the emergence profile and an aesthetic and functional compromise. 

Teeth extractions can be challenging in numerous situations including posterior teeth with divergent roots, teeth adjacent to vital structures, teeth with existing pathology or fractured and retained roots.  An atraumatic tooth extraction protocol which is consistent, reproducible and ergonomic and will be discussed to reduce trauma and predictably remove teeth. 

Post-extraction socket grafting techniques have been controversial and unpredictable due to the varying techniques and grafting materials available.  This course will discuss an immediate socket regeneration technique that has given predictable results in private practice for 10 years.  


Morning Didactic component:

• An atraumatic extraction technique and why this technique?
• Use of handpieces, osseosets, piezo surgery and instruments  for teeth extraction
• Selection of bone grafting materials - autologous, xenograft & allograft materials
• Collagen membranes & how to handle membranes
• Flap design, suture types and suturing techniques


Afternoon Hands-on component:

Using pig’s jaws, participants will be used to focus an atraumatic extraction technique and immediate socket regeneration.
• An atraumatic extraction technique
• Immediate socket grafting
• Manipulation of collagen membranes
• Flap design, suture types and suturing techniques




sunday, 10th september 2017 SYDNEY

ADA Centre for Professional Development
1 Atchinson St, St Leonards NSW


Saturday, 25th november 2017 MELBOURNE

Venue to be confirmed

8am registration for 8:30am start, concludes at 5pm

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